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Books that entice the imagination.

About Us

At Tivshe we believe storytelling inspires. It opens our minds, releases our creativity, and encourages our imaginations. Books lead us to worlds to which we want to escape and give us a moment of reprieve from reality.


Author Spotlight

Liz DeJesus

Liz DeJesus


What do you love most about writing? 

The freedom to say and do anything I want.

What inspires you?

Life, songs, dreams. Random things inspire me to write.

We are excited to announce that Avery Volz is the newest member of the Tivshe family! Her debut YA coming of age novel, To the One I Love, will be available early 2022.


We are over the moon to announce that Liz DeJesus' Frost series is coming to Tivshe. More news on release dates coming soon!

Emma Tibbett's YA thriller, Bereft of Me, is now available! 

Liz DeJesus' Zombie Ever After is now available!

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