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Books that entice the imagination.

About Us

At Tivshe we believe storytelling inspires. It opens our minds, releases our creativity, and encourages our imaginations. Books lead us to worlds to which we want to escape and give us a moment of reprieve from reality.


Author Spotlight

Liz DeJesus

Liz DeJesus

Author of Morgan, The Laurel, Girl, and Zombie Ever After


Welcome Leon Opio to the Tivshe family! His horror novel, Vengeance is Mine, will be released in Summer 2021.


Welcome Desiree DeOrto to the Tivshe family! Her YA fantasy series will begin releasing in summer 2021.

Liz DeJesus' fantasy, Girl, is now available for pre-order. Her fantasy Zombie Ever After will be released in the late Spring.


Emma Tibbett's debut YA thriller will be released in May 2021.

Look for Leigh Ann Hughes' debut children's book will be released in fall 2021.

J.L. Jackola's fourth installment of her Unbound Prophecy series, Submerged, is now available.