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At Tivshe Publishing we believe storytelling inspires. It opens our minds, releases our creativity, and encourages our imaginations. Books lead us to worlds to which we want to escape and give us a moment of reprieve from reality.

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Latest News at Tivshe

Pre-Orders Are Open...

  • Glass Frost by Liz DeJesus

  • Darkness Unmasked by Leon Opio

  • Tides of Blue by Sharon Brubaker

  • Cob and the Kingdom by Leigh Ann Hughes


Upcoming Books...

  • Glass Frost by Liz DeJesus (Oct 15)

  • Tides of Blue by Sharon Brubaker (Oct 20)

  • Darkness Unmasked by Leon Opio (Oct 31)

  • Cob and the Kingdom by Leigh Ann Hughes (Nov 14)

  • Between Earth & Sea by Sharon Brubaker (2023)

2022 Book Releases...

  • February - To the One I Love by Avery Volz

  • March - ABC's with the Vegijantes by Liz DeJesus, illustrations by Amber Davis

  • June - Severed Kingdom by J. L. Jackola

  • June - Saving Elsa Longfellow by Liz Reyes

  • July - Cursed Kingdom by J. L. Jackola

  • August - Prophesied Kingdom by J. L. Jackola

  • September - Morgan by Liz DeJesus

  • September - First Frost by Liz DeJesus

Poetry is coming to Tivshe! 

  • Stacy Doney's collection of poems will be out in 2023, marking our first published poet here.